Why Content Marketing Matters

Jul 18th

For the last few years content marketing has been all the rage and it isn't going away. This is 3 reasons consumers are in love with content.


We're living in a world where people don't like being sold to. The old tactics of hard sales just aren't charming consumers like they once did. And that's a good thing. It's an evolutionary step in the way companies get to communicate with their audiences. People are smart and want to be treated intelligently. And being honest while articulating the "whys" behind your brand is much more compelling to consumers than focusing so much on sales.

Digital Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

Reviews, blog posts, social media shares and likes...these are what are influencing what customers buy. Customers are leaning on their community of "friends" to inform them on products and by providing quality content that's likely to be shared, it can help you stay op of mind when purchase decisions are about to be made.



Whenever you can provide useful information to a consumer via content marketing, you've hit the jackpot. Being know as a go-to for recipes, information, articles or anything that your customers are actively looking for will help you add value to their lives and subsequently will help you draw them to your goods or services.