4 Reasons Your Company Needs Video Marketing

Nov 17th 1:00 am - 3:00 pm

Video marketing is beginning to powerfully outperform any other form of marketing content. It gives people a more effective (AND faster!) way to learn, connect and engage with a brand. Here's why you need to consider adding more video content to your company's strategy in the new year!

1. A More Impactful Website

With the right optimization, videos on your homepage can help you rank higher in seo. Even better, bounce rates significantly decrease with video on your website and time spent on the site increases by 1000%.

2. More People Open Your Emails!

When video is included in emails and alluded to in the subject line, there's a 2x-3x higher click through rate.

3. Increase Ecomm Conversions!

50% of people who watched a video of a product made a purchase.

4. People "Get" You

When paired with a product or service there is a 74% increase on understanding of what you are selling. And isn't getting customers to understand the importance of what you can provide for them half the battle?!

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