What does Novum mean?

What's in a name?


Novum Defined: Latin for new, fresh, novel, unusual, unprecedented.

A Bigger meaning behind the name


"The name? People ask what it means, and for a long time I didn't tell the full story. There were three big reasons for naming the company Novum.

1. I liked the word novum specifically because it means 'new, fresh, novel, unusual, and unprecedented'. I think custom solutions tailored for every client are essential. There should be real critical thinking applied to every client project. There's not a one-size-fits-all solution for strategic branding.

2. I took Latin for a semester in college and thought it was beautiful and challenging! I'm terrible at learning foreign languages, so it was a humbling experience. I always like to remember that because sometimes I think taking on really big challenge is much more rewarding than just doing the things you've already mastered.

3. What sealed the deal with naming the company Novum was actually accidentally seeing the name backward through a piece of glass. It looked like 'move on.' At the time, I knew I wanted to take the leap and start my own company. The day after my LLC was approved, I moved on and never looked back."

Cat Muncey, Owner

6 Golden Rules of Naming

make it


Choose a name that tells your brand's story and even makes you smile.

a name should


Remember that names can stretch and evolve over time to mean other things as your brand grows.

it should be


With more and more clever companies on the rise, picking a unique name is becoming more difficult!

say it

out loUd

Your name should be readable and writable. Don't give anyone a reason not to say your name!

It better be

short & punchy

The longer the name, the harder it is to draw people in. Enough said.

You need to

evoke emotion

Good names are emotive and inspiring. They should make your customer feel something.